A soundtrack for your brand

We make tailor-made music profiles for stores, hotels, restaurants and other public spaces, creating an experience that strengthens the relationship between brand, product and customer.

95% prefer to shop in stores with music

Music arouses an emotional response. Music boosts our energy and makes us happy, conjures up memories, calms us down or wakes us up – the list is almost endless. It’s the soundtrack to our lives and an irreplaceable part of our existence. We know how to design music that becomes a natural extension of the brand.

Your message

Having your own music channel automatically gives you an opportunity to communicate more with your customers and your staff. The majority of purchasing decisions take place in store, so if you want to promote a particular product, spread the word about a campaign or attract more members to your customer club, this is your chance. We’ve been working on and producing radio advertising since 1993.

We started in 2008

But our background in music goes back a long way and our team brings together a wide range of solid experience in the music industry. Our goal is to constantly move forward, developing music profiling as a tool that makes brands stand out.